Farewell Party and Outdoor Cinema

About a week before we moved from Spanish Fork to American Fork, Greg and Tina Magleby hosted a farewell party at their beautiful home for our family. Tina orchestrated the whole event with an outdoor movie, grilled pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, and chips and dip, and tow different cakes.

Butterflies will always remind me of my best friend, my sister from another mother, Tina. We cried so many tears over butterflies and the significance to their family. I cherish all those walks and talks along the river bottoms. I really did not want to leave my friend. We lived just a few houses away. I loved being able to see and chat with my friend every day. We texted like teenagers. I miss the rides in her black convertible Mustang with Mimz in her doggy purse. We had the best laughs and most dear conversations. Ugggh! 

 Tina and Greg hung outdoor lights and colorful lanterns to create a beautiful summer ambiance. 

We hand shucked the corn and made mustaches with the corn pieces. Joe thought we were high. But actually we were like two teenage girls when we got together. 

 There's that hunk of a man.

 We all loved Mimz--Tina's Posh Yorkie. Tina would always tie vintage handkerchiefs around her neck.

 Greg was the chef at grill. He cooked the pork tenderloins to perfection.
 "Is this corn hand shucked?" --What About Bob

 Tina loaded a vintage clothes washer with ice and bottled rootbeer and soda pop. Fabulous idea repurposing.

 Jer Dawg--The man!
 Greg set up the outdoor screen and theater equipment on the back patio. We watched the movie, Prestige.

 Luke loves to climb. The Magleby's yard was a perfect place to do that on their rock terrace.

Tina hung inexpensive, colorful glass bottles with wire to her trees to catch light and add a decorative and festive element to her yard.

Tina and I shared a special affinity for vintage finds like this Coca Cola sign.

This home should be in magazines. It is charming, welcoming, and well designed.

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