July 24th 2012

 Jer looks a little perturbed here. He loves having me take his photo. I can't help myself. He is such a handsome boy. What is a mom to do?

 Believe it or not, Madi and I had just run the Speedy Spaniard 10k this morning. Of course, I didn't train much, but had a decent time. I am always pleased as punch not to come in last place and to finish the race.
 Joe decided that this was his chance to grow a beard and what a beard it was. It did not look too bad, but I wouldn't kiss him for a month. It was like a bristle pad. I thought he resembled a husky dog with the gray in the center of his chin. Joe felt very manly. So dang funny what men think is manly. Though, admittedly, when the beard was shaved, he looked a little "naked."
Funny anecdote: When Jer was five we were at The Freedom Festival Parade in Provo. We set up chairs across from Provo High to watch the floats, bands, and clowns. When a float with some local royalty strode by. Jer got this look of pure love on his face and while waving said, "hi princesses." Twelve years later, he is dating one of those "princesses"--Miss Utah Teen--Chloe Crump. 

I could not be prouder of this girl. She was the only contestant who wore a one piece swim suit and had sleeves on her evening gown. Her platform is suicide and bullying. She is an outstanding young woman who is not only attractive physically, but has character and standards that she is not afraid to uphold even under peer pressure. I respect her for that. Chloe you rock!

We enjoyed this little home town parade while eating pancakes and eggs in the park. (Thanks Tina a Greg) There are so many great things about America, but Fourth of July Celebrations in a small town seem to magnify everything that is right with freedom and the United States.

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