Ryan Shupe and The Rubber Band in S.F.

The night before we moved to American Fork, I took the three girls and Luke to the Ryan Shupe and The Rubber Band Concert at The Spanish Fork Fairgrounds. Joe and I attended one of their concerts a few years ago at Thanksgiving Point and enjoyed their style of music. I thought my three girls would be particularly interested in his phenomenal violin playing since they all three play the violin.

 Hayley was suffering from a terrible ear infection this day. Any shrill sound or high notes would send her reeling in pain. She had to cover her ears with a blanket a few times especially when one of the Spanish Fork's Idol contestant sang a Carrie Underwood song. 

In the car, when a Carrie Underwood song would play on one of the country stations we listen to, Hayley would press her hands tightly against her ears to block out the sound and wimper. This may sound mean, but I never laughed so hard in my life. That women is so screechy when she sings that someone without an ear infection may be in pain. To my credit, I did turn the station after a couple seconds of effect.

 When Ryan Shupe played When the Devil Went Down to Georgia, people were on their feet. It was amazing.

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