Sabbatical is Over!

Well, I do not think I have taken more time "OFF" from blogging, cooking, photographing, achieving, designing, writing, nursing, or creating. I have been an "over-achiever" for most of my life. Moving to a new town and into a condo was going to be my BIG BREAK from the things I have been seeped in doing for two decades. I LOVE Joe for that. This was his idea. I went to the pool every day it was open. I read about 25 books for leisure and NOT information. I did the minimal amount of housework possible. (Sorry Mom.) Actually, she was all for the sabbatical as well. I think these two very important people in my life knew I needed this in a BIG way. I am very fortunate to have the wonderful family that I do.

In September, I was trying to get in the groove of living in a new town and all the things that go along with that. There was yet again a quarterback controversy that left me sick to my stomach most of the time. I loved working in the Snack Shack and going to the football games, but "fans" can be harsh and down right mean. Joe was coaching, Jer was playing--half the time. The kids were enrolled in their new schools and we had started the process of buying a lot and building a new home. 

American Fork played the cheating Dons in Spanish Fork. the game was literally taken from us after we had won the game due to really dirty refereeing.

In October, my two youngest daughters tried out for the Shakespeare Festival with American Fork Junior High and both landed great parts and the opportunity to travel to Cedar City to compete in the Shakespeare Festival with other students. My oldest daughter, Madi, and I decided to travel down with the group and have our own bit of fun shopping, eating, observing, and enjoying the beautiful musical Les Meserables and Shakespeare's Hamlet

 My three talented, beautiful, fun-loving, wonderful girls.

 Shakespeare in the park.

Our experience in Cedar City was amazing (aside from my professional camera breaking). This was where we first heard the announcement regarding the age change for missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My daughter literally broke down with tears of joy and gratitude for that inspired change. She immediately texted the bishop of her Glenwood Student Ward regarding her desire to serve. Madi had just turned 19 years old two weeks earlier. 

Mid October, I came down with a severe case of Bronchitis. I coughed night and day for about two and a half months. I was placed on an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cholinergic medication to try to rid my body of the infection. It was a battle to be sure. 

In November, Madi started her missionary paperwork. The next thing we knew, Madi had received her mission call to the Baguio, Philippines Mission two weeks before Thanksgiving. The morning after her call arrived, Madi was in a serious car accident that totaled her Lincoln. The air bag was employed which knocked her out of consciousness. She had a swollen jaw, some scrapes, and her ankle was sprained. The accident was not her fault and the money for the car is about the amount of money needed to pay for her mission. 

Also in November, I was diagnosed with another illness--Pertussis, otherwise known as Whooping Cough. I have never been more sick in my entire life. (Adults, I recommend you get a Dtap booster if you have not received one in the past seven years. This is a serious illness.)

In December, Joe and I celebrated his birthday at our favorite get-away destination--Hotel Park City. We dined at Ruth's Chris and enjoyed the hot tub on the back deck and the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. We probably played and spent too much, but enjoyed the holidays thoroughly. This was the first year in seventeen that I did not get a Christmas Card sent out. It was just one of those years and I was still on my very enjoyable sabbatical. I never knew a sabbatical could be so nice. At the end of the month, to add insult to injury, my youngest son and I came down with Strep Throat. We were both incredibly sick again

With four months of craziness, sickness, and a lot of down time, the WONDERFUL announcement is I LOST close to 40 pounds. I could not be more pleased. It was the silver lining to a dark cloud. So in the end, I really was not the completely lame duck that I felt like most days.Sometimes over-achievers have a hard time doing less and feeling good about it. But the family is no more worse for the wear. We still ate great--just lighter.

Forty pounds lighter and healthier, the sabbatical is officially over. I plan on being engaged in marketing Sweet and Savory: Award Winning Recipes Made Easy. I am also half done with my third book,  It's a Splendid Life--Ideas and Inspiration for moms.   

I have some incredible NEW light and delicious recipes that I have developed and can't wait to share with all of you. So come back often and check out all the beautiful ideas I have been storing up over the past four months of my time off. 


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