45 Pounds Lighter and a Book Contract

 After Photo:
 February 2013

It is hard to express in words how liberating it is to lose 45 pounds in five months. Happiness definitely played a huge role in my weight loss success. Let me just say that moving on was the best thing we did as a family! We held on to our home and life in Provo for too long. My only regret is not leaving sooner! It seemed that the minute we decided to make that change, my life and the life of my children improved dramatically. Too much bullying, competing, and other horrible things.

Aside from the emotional component of weight loss, I did subscribe to sound food and exercise principles that I can maintain for the rest of my life. Of course, I have a plateful of incentive to be more fit and trim with the release of my new cookbook, Sweet and Savory: Award Winning Recipes Made Easy due out in Costco, Walmart, Deseret Book, and Seagull Book on March 12, 2013. (Note: I just did NOT want to be a fat cookbook author!)

I have been truly fortunate to have opportunities to teach cooking segments on Channel 4 and Channel 5 the past 12 months. I look forward to more of those in the near future. Even though live television is a bit scary, I am growing more comfortable each time I do it. A principle that applies to every thing in life!

Currently, Cedar Fort Inc. is considering a book contract for my next book (title to be determined) which will include my weight loss success story, how I lost the weight without diet supplements, medication, calorie counting, packaged foods, or heaven forbid any kind of surgery, as well as about 100 skinnylicious recipes that speed up weight loss while still appealing to families and busy moms. 

Who has time to cook separately for self and family? My family ate all the same foods I did. My husband has lost 20 pounds in two months and my very lean seventeen year old son and nineteen year old daughter have both lost 10 pounds while gaining muscle.It is so interesting how powerful the example of the MOM is!

Even though, it is painful, I am running again and will be doing a half marathon on April 27, 2013. (13.1 baby!) I hope to complete a marathon this fall with my lighter and faster frame! (26.2 Booyah!) I feel like the skinny girl I was as a child, teenager, college student, and mother for the first 15 years. But due to so many factors including Prednisone, health challenges, and others, I started to pack on the pounds. 

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a skinny person. When I looked at photos, I saw a fat girl. It was an odd thing. The real me was there all along. How grateful I am to be the real me, the best me again! 

Before Photo:

July 2012


  1. Congrats! you look great! I would love to chat with you, on the whole book writing thing... we chatted through email probably a year ago, I don't know if you remember, but I think it was before your move... which we would love to do as well...
    thanks for your example!

  2. You look so good! I'm so excited for you. What a great book idea! Congratulations and good luck in all your publishing desires.