Superbowl in Park City

 Hayley, Elle, Jeremy, Millie, and Luke...Beautiful peeps!

Since we do not have television, we have a splendid tradition of going to a hotel as a family to watch the big game. This year we decided to spend the day at the Hotel Park city.The skies are clear and the mountains are covered in white. I believe it is the small and simple things we do that makes the greatest difference in our life and that of our children. Simple traditions build lasting memories that will stay with our children when life throws them curves. Pictures to come. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday together with your family playing games, watching the Super Bowl, or a family movie.

 To create this hotel bathroom feature, fold a hand towel in thirds lengthwise and fold the bottom fourth upward like a cuff. Fold a wash cloth in accordian folds and tuck the bottom into the cuff of the hand towel. Fill with soaps and small shampoo and conditioner.
Pulls ups.

"This is the life!" 

 View from the hot tub! Soaking it up with my soul mate!

This is the cottage we stayed in. It was a winter wonderland retreat. The skies were blue and the temperatures were warmer than in the smog filled valley. We did not even need a coat. The kids swam in the outdoor heated pool. What a fabulous mini-vacation!

On Monday, on our way out of town, we ate at another one of our favorite restaurants--The Loco Lizard. They have some of the best chips and salsa I have ever sunk my teeth into. The chips are thin and crisp and the two salsas are plain addicting!

Love these guys--my handsome men!

Nursing that diet coke. 

"Show daddy your new face!"

 My beautiful husband and kids--I could not love them more. They are my treasures!

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