Disneyland 2013

 We wanted to enjoy our annual trip to Newport Beach, California and Disneyland before Madi leaves on her LDS Mission to the Philippines in March. We also did not want to hit the crowds in December or during Christmas Break. So we opted for the second week in January. This proved to be a great time to enjoy Disneyland and California Adventure with short lines.


 Best friends. What will we do when Madi and Jer are both gone on their missions?

 Waiting for Disneyland and California Adventure tickets. These kids are the best!

Even seventeen year old young men love Disneyland.

 The Cars Ride did not disappoint--the best ride in California Adventure Park.

 While in California Adventure, we stopped at the Ghirardelli Chocolate shop for a decadent brownie sundae. It was incredibly delicious and reminded me of our trip to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory in San Francisco, California.
 Our 8 year old son's favorite ride! I fell in love with the Cars ride. I also love the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland!

 There are a lot of reasons why I love Joe--one of them being his fear of heights. REALLY! Our 8 year old son loves The Tower of Terror. We chose to go on the Monsters Inc. ride instead!
 Hayley and I went with Healthy Fear when we passed on the Tower of Terror!

 I enjoyed the Monsters Inc. Ride!

 Thanks to Walt Disney for making this world a little more magical for us!

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