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 "A Groovy Mom” Blogger Shauna Evans


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your family, and your blog? 
My name is Shauna Evans and I am married to a wonderful man named Joe. He played back-up quarterback to Heisman Trophy Winner Ty Detmer at BYU. We met at the Holiday Bowl in San Diego in 1991. We will celebrate 20 adventurous and rewarding years together this May. We have five really incredible children. Each one is unique, funny, and adorable. They fill our days with joy and fun! My blog started out as a photography blog. At the time, I was doing photography as a business, but ended that enterprise in 2006. It was in August 2009 that I decided to launch my “A Groovy Mom” blog to share, not just photography ideas, but recipes and family fun with readers, family, and friends.

What does it mean to be a “groovy mom”?
To me, being a “groovy mom” encompasses many things. But for brevity sake, I will only touch on a few.  A groovy mom is dedicated, engaged in the mothering process every step of the way, and is nurturing.
“Nurturing is the warm and wise application of love.”-Linda Eyre
Of course, I may want to add fun, though that is less important than time and love.

Do you have an overall motto that inspires your blog’s theme of ”savvy parenting with style?”
Yes, it is making the world beautiful, better, and joyful one mom at a time.  Think about that. “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” That quote is so true, but do moms really believe it applies to them?  I am convinced of the truthfulness of that statement and embrace it. I take my role as a mom very seriously. I spend just about every waking moment as primarily mom and I love it. I give a lot of my energy to making life beautiful and wonderful for my children. The world can be ugly at times, but YOUR world can always be beautiful and full of love.

You have some really great party ideas on your blog.  What are some key things to keep in mind when planning kid’s parties?
Gosh, I always envision over-the-top ideas for parties but reality is a very different thing.  In a perfect world I would have a dessert table, home-crafted paper decorations, banners, a gorgeous table scape, etc. But with school, sports, activities, responsibilities and a birthday almost every month of the year, I go for doable!
But here are a few simple tips:
1. I start with a theme even if it’s only a color theme. I ask my child what type of birthday party they would like. I take a look at what interests them at that time in their life. It does change. Two years ago it was dinosaurs for my youngest son. This year it is LEGOS!
2. I always make a homemade cake, put together treat bags, and decide on a really simple menu that correlates with the theme.
3. I do ask my children to keep the guest list down. The rule of thumb is one guest per year of life. That rule works really well.
4. It gets a little tricky trying to coordinate food, games, and photography. But I try to photograph my child with each guest.
5. I almost always use Smilebox to create a personalized invitation.  It saves time, but allows me to still be creative and true to the party’s theme.

 What are your top parenting tips for parents of tweens?
It is imperative that you stay connected with your tweens. Studies show that parents who stay connected with their children during middle school years avert dangerous and undesirable behaviors in their tweens.  So how do we stay connected?

- Maximize time together. When in the car picking them up from school or sports, turn off the radio and ask questions. How was your day? Tell me about your friends? Who is your best friend? How do you like your teachers? Inevitably, your child will talk and you will get to know what’s going on in your child’s life including any concerns or problems.

-Be involved. Volunteer if you have the time in your child’s school or classroom. You may only have time to help out with one PTA event a year. But even one event will mean the world to your child. I was surprised to discover that my 12 year old daughter was not embarrassed when I volunteered to help with the eye exam at her junior high, wearing the exact same shirt and outfit she was wearing that day. She actually thought it was funny and was happy to have me at her school and getting to know the students. EYE opener!

- Spend one-on-one time with your tween. This may not happen every week. This may not happen every month. But make it happen even if it’s just a few times out of the year. Your child may not verbalize what this means to him/her, but I can assure you from experience, it means the world to them and they cherish that time together. This one-on-one time may be a trip to the grocery store, going to get a bite to eat, or going on a bike ride. It does not need to be elaborate or expensive.

- Engage in an activity that your child likes. This may mean you read a book your child loves. Then you can have a book discussion. This will open up new dialogue. I took an ice skating class with my two tween girls. I was the ONLY mom on the ice, but I skated circles around them and they thought that was so cool. My tween daughters and I have a mom and daughter book club. We read a book together each month, discuss it, and do a book related activity. This is something we love!

What is your biggest challenge as a mom?
My biggest challenge as a mom is probably not common to most moms. My biggest challenges are health problems. I have health conditions that render me in chronic pain. I find it difficult to do daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, and chauffeuring. So for me, not getting too grumpy with the pain is the biggest challenge. I have to push through the pain each and every day and do my best to not let this negatively affect my family. So energy is probably the biggest challenge.

Do you have any tips for other moms on how to infuse a little creativity, fun, and style into the everyday?

Adding creativity, fun, and style to life makes it more joyful and beautiful and that is what I am all about. Believe me, we don’t have to look perfect or have perfect homes.  But carving pumpkins, putting together costumes, or creating something with your own hands is very rewarding. I keep it simple. I took my three youngest children to the Witchfest at Gardner Village.  Instead of just showing up, we dressed up–as witches. We wore black witch hats, carried bling brooms, and wore striped tights. Easy, but fun.  Dress up, go out, and celebrate life every chance you get with your children!

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