The Crab Cooker--Newport Beach, CA.

 We have been dining at the Crab Cooker for over 20 years. It was featured in Coastal Living as one of the best Seafood Dives on the West Coast. I would whole heartedly concur! We love it!

 Not only is the seafood incredibly fresh, but the sign is sage too. The Main Thing 
is to Keep
The Main Thing 
The Main Thing

 You are talking to me.

 At The Crab Cooker, they serve every thing on paper goods including the red and white clam chowder. Easy Clean up--casual feel!

We typically order the Shrimp Skewer or the Salmon. I personally love the salmon. The Creamy coleslaw and cheesy potatoes are outstanding accompaniments to the fresh, grilled fish! Makes my mouth water just looking at it!

 Each year, we try to get a family photo outside the Crab Cooker Restaurant across the street from Newport Beach, California. I love the red building, the kelly green benches and the festive awnings. This dive takes me back.

Look at those faces! I just love those green, blue, and brown eyed kids!

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