Father of the Year

If I did not know better, then I think Joe was running for Father of the Year. And I am NOT being sarcastic in the least--really. 

Let me explain: Memorial Day was busy. It was not only a national holiday, but also our 21st wedding anniversary. We had celebrated our anniversary over the weekend so this was to be a family day. 

Jeremy took Elle and Hayley to get their hair cut at a hair salon in Provo that was open. (I know totally sweet of a teenage boy to do such a girly thing.) 

Joe and I went for a 5 mile jog in our new running shoes from the 26.2 store. When we returned, I was lamenting that Luke needed a hair cut--maybe even a buzz for the Summer. Of course, no hair cutting establishment would be open. So Joe summoned the hair clippers and got right down to business. 

At first, I was sure he would ruin Luke's hair and he would end up looking like a checker board, but as Joe persisted and I cleaned up the hair line, I was perfectly pleased with the results. Of course, Luke acted like he was in pain, but he lived through the experience. 

It was so sweet seeing his father do such a fatherly (even metro) thing. Now if that wasn't enough to raise suspicions...On Tuesday morning, I was dead to the world. I took too much NyQuil the night before for my poor sore throat. So as Joe always does, he got the kids up, but this time instead of oatmeal, he made them pancakes for breakfast. Not just any pancake, but whole wheat pancakes with REAL maple syrup. You can probably see why my curiosity was stirred.

I admit, I felt like a bit of a loser and a little bit useless. I am the family grooming and style guru. I am the family cook, I have two cookbooks to prove it. GOSH!

Now if you think I am getting carried away, I did NOT mention yet that he currently coaches Elle and Hayley's softball team and Luke's baseball team in the same season. And not only is he one of the few willing, he is more than able. In fact, the players could not ask for a better, sweeter, more experienced coach in the state. Brigham Young University asked Joe to pitch for them in 1992 when his football eligibility was up.

Of course, these are just some of the more recent bits of evidence. There are dozens more. I could go on and on. But I won't. However, if Joe is selected as Father of the Year, you can say I told you so.

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