MTC Drop Off

Madi and Jer have been best friends since Jeremy was born. They have been side by side through years of being bullied and also through each others' successes in school, sports, music, etc. I have dozens of photos of the two of them which are treasures. This one may top the list!

It was hard for Jeremy to let his big, little sister go. Their bond is strong. They have been a strength and support to each other from the beginning. 

They are dear children who delight me every day. Their impressions from movies, humor, wit, sass, and fun loving natures makes our life wonderful and fun.

On March 27, we loaded the minivan and drove Madi to the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah. It was a drive by and drop off experience. Of course, we said our good byes before we arrived. The dozens of missionaries lining the curb as hosts saved me. 

I don't know if I could have parted if I did not KNOW that I was delivering her into good and safe hands. When I saw those young men standing there like an army to greet my daughter and to assist her on her new journey I was able to let go and deliver her to kind and caring people.

One of my favorite lines is from Josh Groban's new song, Brave. A reason to be brave...I have a reason to be brave!!

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