Madi in the Philippines

I adore this picture with Madi and her Missionary Companion in the Philippines. I think they both have an Asian look. They are beautiful like the people of the Philippines.

In short, this has been a tremendous experience for Madi. She loves the people, is fluent in the language, and has a strong testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

She had a scare with life-threatening anaphylaxis with some interesting pictures to prove it, however, we will not make those pictures public.

Some of the food she is eating is SHOCKING--like duck egg and embryo, chicken intestines. I think I would pass, but she has the stomach for it. If I smell fishy lake water, I vomit. Personally, I never used to have a weak stomach as a mother of five and nurse, but after some life experiences, I NOW do. 

My kids do a rather funny impression of me and my gag reflex. 

Madi is doing very well. She is happy, enjoying herself--has NOT complained about ANYTHING including giant insects, humidity, food except for the many mean and aggressive dogs. That is it. She will NEVER own a dog!

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