Home Building in P.G.

Here is a 2-dimensional view of the home we are building in Pleasant Grove. Joe and I will be the general contractors on the project. We were the contractors for our Provo home 13 years ago and we were younger and dumber. So we feel we have a pretty good handle on this.

Currently, the plans are with the city then it is time to dig. Geotech came out and tested the soil. With 2 feet of gravel and a couple other recommendations, we will be putting footings on solid ground. Hooray! 

This is 2-story, six bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. That will be a nice change from the tiny 2 bath cracker box we are currently renting in Pleasant Grove. The exterior is hardy cream shakers and hardy board. The 3 car garage is on a tilt with a breeze way connecting it to the home.

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