Mount Mahogany Pioneer Trek 2013

Being a Ma on Trek was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved each of our 8 trek children instantly. I think about them now that we are home and back into our modern, busy lives. It is hard to express the beautiful things that happened to my heart. It was an honor, privilege to be called shortly after we joined our amazing new Mount Mahagony 4th ward. I have never been part of a better group of people ever.

Heaven knows we have moved around in search of a place to finish raising our family--a place of peace and safety. WE have found it and I thank God each day for it! 

Our Trek children could not ask for a better Trek Pa than Joe. He is Papa Bear at his its finest...strong, loving, faithful, funny, kind, smart. I am a truly fortunate woman to have such a fantastic man by side through thick and thin. We have been through a lot. We have weathered the storms together--and that made the difference!

After treking 8 miles the first day, food and water never tasted so good. I had 3 bowls of beef stew...I new someone on the kitchen crew. I was famished as all were. We rolled into camp at dusk. We set up tents by flashlight and moonlight. Even though my body ached, my hip was screaming (congenital hip dysplasia a.k.a.--shallow hip sockets from birth) with pain and total exhaustion engulfed me, I could not sleep. I could not sleep in any position due to pain and was worried that this would be a problem on day 2 hiking 6 miles.

After a heartfelt prayer and petition,as well as ibuprofin, the pain in my hip subsided. It really was a miracle. We were promised miracles as we prepared for the trek and that was one of many! I love the pioneers. I love my pioneer ancestry. I love my children--trek and those by birth. Gratitude swells in my hearrt to think about what I have been blessed with.

Like my own kids, my trek family worked hard. They pushed, they pulled, they struggled up steep hills, and down rocky terrain without complaining. It was tremendous. They had true grit! With that grit also came a willingness to do more than their share without fanfare. I love the example they were to each other and to their Ma and Pa!

The Trek Family...with the "Soul Train." Explanation: Gabe's sole of his shoe fell off on day one so we attached it to the cart and dubbed the name--songs and dances followed honoring the theme.

Like the pioneers of 1847 to 1857, we were not without some games.

There were 424 souls on our Mount Mahogany Trek 2013. If you would like to view an inspirational music video of our trek visit: www.mmtrek2013.  The Trek was incredibly organized and there were several opportunities to feel the spirit of the pioneers and what they endured. People shared pioneer vignettes during our faith walk. The stories were my favorite part of trek aside from the amazing, faithful people and testimony meeting.

Thanks to Ma Murdock for the contraband on the last day...a.k.a. Diet Coke. You saved me!

Jeremy joined trek on the third day due to football. However, it did my heart good to see him join the group with a positive attitude. He joined in the fun. He joined in the work. He insisted on pulling the handcart alone for miles because he was not there to help the first two days of Trek. He is an all-American boy with a heart of gold. I could not love that boy more!

Jer Bear--handsome, strong, and funny as heck--just like his Dad.

From afar, these boys looked like a group of Amish. If I did not know better than I would have thought it was snap shot from Pennsylvania.What a wonderful group of youth. I grew to love so many of them including Lexi a.k.a "Grasshopper Girl." She lost a bet and agreed to eat a live grasshopper. I almost lost my lunch watching her chew that insect. She is a real woman if I ever laid eyes on one. She also happens to be on the P.G. High School Tennis team with our Elle. Love seeing her on the court!

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