I am Thankful

Here is my sexy man. I think I may need to frame this one! What I love about Joe is not only is he very, very handsome, but he is a great guy. Even ask his mother-in-law. There is NO man who is a better sport and supporter than JOE otherwise known as Superman! He will roller skate with twelve 13 year old girls, he will buy personal products if a certain someone needs them. I dare say, he would go to the ends of the earth for his family! That is the mark of a great man. "Great men do great things." Baby Mama

Two proud and happy parents. Yes, bouncing around has been no picnic, but seeing our children happy and safe is worth any price or sacrifice--ANY! Happiness is NOT overrated!

With football officially over, I am in serious withdrawals. It can't be over. It just can't. I loved every second of Pleasant Grove's 2013 Football Season. Could I re-live these last few months? It was so dang fun. I was giddy on game day. Tell me there will be football in heaven. There just has to be football in heaven!!
I had immense joy watching my son, #7 play quarterback just like his dad. It was uncanny. They wore the same number, the same school colors (back when BYU was gorgeous royal blue and white), and have the same form and throwing motion. It was fun listening to other former BYU football players and quarterbacks say things like, "he looks just like Joe Evans out there, but better."

Elle or "Tink" has been dubbed as  "Elle Saint." We are not being facetious in least. To know her, you may know what we mean. I won't be surprised if she is canonized one day. Oh! Do you have to be catholic for that?

Hayley or a.k.a, "Mini Madi," is our fashion queen. Since the time she was a small tot, she liked being fancy. She knows what's in style, but is not a slave to the trends. I took this photo at her 13 going on 30 Birthday Party--80's style.

Madi is currently serving an LDS mission in the Philippines. I took this picture a few days before she entered the MTC. She is wearing our favorite Tiffany's Tear Drop necklace that Joe bought for her and I. I can hardly say how I miss our many photo shoots we would have it seemed monthly, our Diet Coke runs, talks in the hot tub. It is so funny how the little things are the things I miss most. 
I am stunned how she maintains a cheerful and positive attitude with only buckets of water for bathing, bugs as large as her head, and getting sick with parasites and a worm. 
She has lost even more weight. However, she says, "I have never been happier." What an adventure she is having. People have monkeys for pets. She has some stalkers. One lady said to her, "you sexy." She thought that was funny, because just a couple months before she left we went to the play, South Pacific. In that musical, one of the characters says, "you not sexy like lieutenant."

Luke has his Wimpy Kid pajamas on and a New York Yankee hat on Father's Day 2013--not the most sophisticated outfit, but truly him. I love those big brown "George Clooney Eyes." He's feisty and sweet--a little like his mama. He is incredibly creative and a voracious reader. He loves dragons, Wimpy Kid Movies, and football and baseball. I dare say he fits in our family perfectly--just perfectly!

There are many things I am grateful for on this Thanksgiving Day 2013. In short, I am most grateful for my family. They are my life and my joy. Of course, I could go on and on explaining why, but suffice it to say that they surprise me on a regular basis with their goodness and talents. They are my treasures.

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