Christmas 2013

Santa found us in St. George this year. The weather was fine. Each time I run the streets of "Dixie" it takes me back to the marathons I ran in this town. Nostalgia...

I love this guy for more reasons than I can list...

Electronics are always with us--Elle.

We missed Madi. She is in the Philippines. We were able to Skype with her last Sunday. She is tiny. She has been sick with a parasite and worm. Not an easy mission, but she loves it and actually glows. It's quite remarkable. She bathes using a bucket and has been in the hospital twice--one for an anaphylactic allergic reaction and the other for severe dehydration.

Next year Jeremiah will be on his LDS mission, but Madi will be back with us for the Christmas Holiday.

How many 9 year old boys put "church clothes" on their Christmas list. Well, that is what our youngest son put on his. He is "tender and tough."

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