Peace and JOY Christmas Card

From our family to yours, Peace and JOY!
 * Circa 1996 *
I can hardly believe these two are now adults. They haven't changed a bit--just bigger and smarter. Maybe the nose picking is a thing of the toddler past instead of the Missionary present. "Jer Bear" has more hair and teeth, but essentially the same boy. Don't you think?

Jer still loves having his picture taken-- though he hasn't burst into tears during a photo shoot since.
What a life. I am one blessed MOM.

Saying goodbye for the next 3 years. They were "Best Buddies" from the day Jeremiah was born. Madi was his protector for the first 16 years, then Jeremiah became hers.
 I could NOT have ordered better children than the fantastic five I got. How did I get so lucky?

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