Skinny is as Skinny Does

 July 2013

   August 2013

February 2007 (Just weeks before the Battle of the Bulge began)

October 31, 2006 (Pre-Prednisone: I could fit in my Junior Varsity Cheer outfit from my Sophomore Year of High School. You've gotta love the "ginormous" pom poms from the 80's.)

 October 1990 (St. George Marathon)

July 24, 2012 (I really don't like this picture, but it is a visual. Yikes!)

July 2013 (This is one happier girl than just one year previous. What a difference weight loss makes!)

Skinny is as Skinny Does. So true. So true. Think about that...Sure, it is a catchy phrase. It reminds me of Forest Gump, but there is wisdom in it. In the upcoming months, I will share the best information I have in regards to weight loss, fitness, nutrition, and overall good health.

Six years ago, I started a very real and oddly new battle with weight gain. For the first 35 years of my life, I was the skinny girl--naturally. I ate well, never counted calories, or dieted. I was active as an athlete, gymnast, cheerleader, runner. So I never had to think about my weight or body size. It just was never an issue.

After my 5th child was born, major medical problems took me on a tailspin. Not only was my circulatory system compromised and damaged, but I was allergic to the medication vascular surgeons used to down faulty veins. After each serious allergic reaction, I was placed on high doses of anti-inflammatories including Prednisone. With each series of medication, I put on 5 lbs. in 5 days each time.

Not only did I put on 15 lbs. in a few short months, but I was steadily gaining without any changes to my diet or exercise patterns. It was one of the most frustrating things I had ever experienced. It felt cruelly unfair. Doctor's told me that the weight would come off after the Prednisone was "out of my system." That was completely inaccurate and untrue, because the medications were so effective in slowing my metabolism and changing my set point much higher.

So the war commenced. I tried supplements, diet pills, and dieting. I tried to "beat it off" by training and running half marathons and sprint triathlons. Yet my weight kept going up. It was shocking to say the least. When I hit my all time highest weight in August of 2012, my heart almost stopped. I weighed more than my heaviest pregnancy. It was down right depressing.

However, 4 weeks later, I had "accidentally" dropped 20 lbs. This was another surprise--albeit a welcome one. Football season had just begun and we were the new kids in town--again. The move proved stressful (even though a good choice). My son was competing for the starting quarterback position so there was immense pressure to perform well. On game day, I struggled to keep more than a few calories down. I could not chew, swallow, let alone digest.

This inability to eat well on Friday nights continued through gridiron season. When I noticed the weight on the scales going down steadily for the first time in 5 years, I racked my brain to discover what I was doing differently to make such a wonderful change in my body. In my book, Skinny-liciuos: Lite and Scrumptiuos Recipes for a Slimmer You out in fine bookstores January 14, 2014, I share my struggle and success and recipes I used to lose close to 50 lbs.

Buy Skinny-licious NOW and save at amazon.com. Why not get a head start on losing those stubborn pounds? I believe in setting goals year round, so I don't start a diet in January only to fall off the wagon by February. I am about lasting changes, goals that are set and accomplished--regardless of how long that takes. It is the daily habits that make a difference. No need to look past today. Take step by baby step to change your body into a healthy, fit, attractive one.

I hope to help you with your weight loss and fitness goals and cheer you on as you work hard and discipline yourself to make those changes effective and lasting. So feel free to leave a comment, question, or email. I will respond to your inquiries.


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