Change Your Metabolism

Okay. Maybe I sound like a broken record, BUT if you have struggled with weight loss for months, even years, then there is a pretty good chance you need to change your metabolism. For me, I had control over food. Food did NOT have control over me. I quit eating when I am full. I don't eat if it doesn't taste good. I NEVER binge--EVER. I can't go long without eating. I don't STARVE--ever. So food and I got along really well for the first 35 years of my life.

Then as you have heard ad nauseum, I was put on fat promoting medications and BAM! there goes my healthy, functioning, fat burning metabolism machine. Admittedly, I had it good and I am grateful for that. Sure, I took it for granted (as so many of us do) until it was taken from me. But like too many things, my healthy metabolism did not last UNTIL I changed it. Here is the take home message: YOU CAN change your metabolism! The POWER is in YOU!

So how do you do change your metabolism? I share the answer in my cookbook, Skinny-licious due in all fine bookstores on January 14, 2014.  But in addition to sharing my struggle, success, tips, tricks, and skinny-licious recipes, I don't want to stop there. I want to share with you some of the ways you can re-charge your metabolism on this blog.

In the next few weeks, I will be talking about the FOODS and exercise that WILL speed up your metabolism while enjoying REAL, wholesome, healthy, tasty food. Food is the way back. Exercise is good, diet is imperative. Food is powerful. It can change our body, help us fight disease, help us heal, live longer and healthier. Food is also enjoyable. But a steady diet of calorie dense, nutritionally empty food does more harm than good. Americans are overfed and undernourished. How sad is that truth? Yet we have access to the best foods on the planet and the latest science, research, and medical advances.

Please beware of fad diets and scams. We have all known people who have tried some of these and suffered ill effects. I don't believe in extremes, though I know desperation leads us to do irrational things even against our own good judgement and knowledge. I bought Sensa--the stuff you sprinkle on your food. It was expensive and I lasted 6 hours on the Sensa plan. Heck! If you drop your sandwich in the toilet, you aren't going to eat it. If you sprinkle a combination of salt and sugar on each and everything you eat, destroying its natural goodness and flavor, you would not eat that either. So why is Sensa making millions of dollars selling their magic "sprinkles" with supposed science to back it up? Desperate people wanting--needing to lose weight NOW!

You may feel miserable in your body, but I don't think we quite understand the full impact of carrying around extra, unhealthy, unwanted weight. I gained 60 pounds. It is hard for even me to believe and I was the one who gained it and LOST it. For an example of how much "baggage" that is, I demonstrated on ABC4 Midday January 8, 2014 how much that is by lifting a 40 pound bag of water softener salt. I gained one and a half times that. Give it a try. It is dang heavy.

You could do a whole weight lifting routine with the bag and get really buff. But the point of the exercise is to demonstrate how much pressure we are putting on our joints and back. The extra weight is hard on our bodies, health, circulatory system, and self-esteem. It's surprising how detrimental weight gain is. It comes on slow, it comes off slow, so maybe we don't quite realize the terrible and dangerous consequences until we get our healthy trim body back and can compare the difference.

This morning, January 10, 2014, I watched Cameron Diaz here on CBS Good Morning America and enjoyed her interview. I loved her direct, no-nonsense weight loss approach. She told a group of women that they needed to take full responsibility for their BODY.  Cameron says, "your body is your responsibility." I agree. We have sole power of what we put in it and how we take care of it. One quote I love is: "Take care of your body, it is the only one you have." Okay that is very true.

However, I take a little softer approach, because I have been there done that. Cameron Diaz NEVER gained 60 pounds, NEVER had life-threatening health problems, and NEVER gave birth to 5 children. Can you subscribe to a life without flour and sugar? If you can, I congratulate you. However, I personally believe most people can't. It's not that we don't want to take care of our body or look amazing, but there a lot of things we love that contain sugar and white flour. Dark chocolate has sugar in it along with antioxidants. Tomato Bisque has flour in it along with lycopenes and 6 vegetables.

With that said, Cameron Diaz's personality is magnetic, her laugh infectious. She is a talented actress and has an incredible body which she has evidently taken impeccable care of. BRAVO Cameron! No room for jealousy. Personally, I don't strive for perfection, I strive for a healthy, fit, functioning, attractive body by engaging in a food plan I can stick to for life. I think obsessing over perfection can lead to extreme and unhealthy behavior as well as a lot of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. I believe in being REAL. I have NOT had any cosmetic surgery! I will do the BEST I can with the body I was given and make peace with it.

Eat yourself skinny!


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