Food and I

July 2013

For the greater part of my life, food and I had a healthy relationship. I was an athlete, raised by an athlete, and with athletes. Sports was my family's walk and talk. So why did I gain 60 lbs. over the course of five years? That is the question of the decade. In reflection, the answer is not as simple as it may seem. There were several components at work. Aside from the health problems that were completely out of my control, I turned to food for pleasure, comfort, and soothing.

Food was a big part of my life. I am a foodie and author of 3 published cookbooks. I have won over 10 recipe contests, including two national ones. From the time I was in kindergarten, I was interested in making food. As a five year old, I attempted to make a pie without my mom's permission. I used about a dozen eggs, water, copious amounts of flour and sugar and stirred that concoction together to create an incredibly adhesive glue. I spilled the mixture on my bedroom floor trying to conceal it. Inevitably, it hardened like cement and tasted like paste.

But the question remains. Why did I gain and not be able to shed the pounds for half a decade? As you well know, there are many important aspects of weight loss and at the top of the list is our relationship with food. Do we feed ourselves mindlessly, for comfort, or for emotional reasons? After I was dealt some serious health challenges that were not of my own making, I felt defeated, beat, no longer in control. Prednisone and anti-inflammatory medications put 15 lbs. on me in a few short weeks. My metabolism was slowed and my body did not respond to exercise and food like it did prior to the problems. I lived in chronic pain and unfortunately, I turned to food to soothe the blow.

However, I truly thought, exercise was the answer to my weight problem.  Isn't exercise supposed to increase your metabolism? Heavens, I was still training and running half marathons. I was eating about the same amount of calories I did prior to the weight gain, but my body did not "metabolize" them like it did before. So for five years, I battled the bulge. It was an all out war. I am a fighter. I was not going to sit down and accept my fat body. Even with all the exercise--at least an hour of moderate exercise six days a week, I was gaining.

In the end, it was all about FOOD. You lose weight in the kitchen. You get fit in the gym. There is no other way around it. Believe me, in my fallacy, I proved it. Don't be like me and confuse the principles of weight loss. Your relationship with food is the way to a slim physique--possibly the only way. Now that does not mean exercise is not important. I still exercise a lot. I love it. I will always do it. I put in at least an hour a day of exercise six days a week. However, it was not until Food and I improved our relationship, was I able to lose the weight in a few short months.

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