Weight Loss After 40

After my five year weight loss struggle, I was told that losing weight after 40 would be near impossible. We all have heard the facts. Your metabolism slows steadily after 35. Each year we lose more muscle after age 35. Hormones change for women. Our bodies stop making as much estrogen, so our body is programmed to put fat on our abdomen which in turns makes estrogen. These are disheartening facts and they are true except that weight loss after 40 is achievable. I know this because I was 41 when I shed close to 60 pounds.

For half a decade, I felt like I was in a losing battle. The cards stacked up, but not in my favor. I live in chronic pain. Exercise hurts, but I still do it--everyone at Golds Gym knows I do it and a lot of it. As a registered nurse, athlete, and certified personal trainer, I understand the principles of nutrition, diet, and weight loss. For the first 35 years, those principles worked well. It was not until I faced some dire and depressing health consequences, that I needed to find a different approach to weight loss using a real, healthy, sustainable weight loss method or program.

Like Troy Thomas asked me on the ABC 4 Midday Show yesterday, "Shauna, how did you feel and what was it that made you realize that was enough." My answer, "I felt defeated." But what I did not say was, I just about gave up. The second part of the question was too complex to address, because when all was said and done, I did not give up trying, I just could NOT figure out how to heal my metabolism. I lived in a state of frustration and sadly some bitterness.

Essentially, I held onto the information scientists and weight loss experts taught that exercise would do the trick--change, improve, and speed up metabolism. So I ran, biked, swam (or is it swum?). Yet my weight was still going up. So the mind game and battle began and lasted 5 years.

In September of 2012, I accidentally found a diet and weight loss method that changed my health, body, happiness, and life. Not only was I able to reinvent myself, but I wrote Skinny-licious--my weight loss cookbook. Currently, I have the amazing opportunity to share my weight loss success, recipes, and strategy with others. I am truly grateful for all these wonderful things in my life and can't wait to talk to more of you at book signings, befriend you on Facebook, and do what I can to help you achieve the body and health that you seek.

My message to you today is: Don't give up. No matter what type of physical shape or health you are in. Our bodies are amazing. Your body will respond to the right diet and exercise program. I am living, breathing proof. Even with challenges, weight loss is possible and achievable using healthy, sensible, sustainable methods. I know without a doubt this is true.

Did you know that diet is 80 to 90% of your weight loss results? Yes. DIET--what we consume. When you embrace that, your weight loss struggle will end. Consider this: "You lose weight in the kitchen. You get fit in the gym." Join me in the kitchen and "eat yourself skinny."


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