Studio C - Skinnylicious

Here is a funny spoof on Skinny-licious eating by Studio C.

Science has proven when we "lighten up" emotionally, it helps us lighten up on the scales. Let's add this to the Skinny-licious lifestyle. Watch this when you need a good laugh. Your body will release feel good hormones called endorphins and lower stress hormones, cortisol. The result: More effective weight loss. So keep on laughing and enjoying the good things in life--not indulging in crappy food.

This comedic sketch also drives home a point I would like to address. You can't beat off a bad diet--even running and training marathons. I know this is absolutely true, because I tried it--for years. I love exercise and food, so I thought if I amplified my workouts, then I could enjoy just about anything I wanted within reason, of course. Well, it just does NOT work. The Skinny-licious diet is about better food choices and about targeting fat and increasing metabolism by what and when we eat. 

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