The Skinny on Weight Loss

Today, I had lunch with a new friend. We met at one of my book signings and we re-connected for a Skinny lunch at Cafe Rio. The purpose of our meeting was to address some questions Amy had regarding the Skinny-licious diet. So I thought it would be a good idea to share some of those questions and my answers on my blog for those of you who have purchased my new weight loss cookbook, Skinny-licious: Lite and Scrumptious Recipes for a Slimmer You!

Our conversation began with:

Amy: Shauna, may I just say knowing you are a registered nurse has brought me comfort and I am very excited about this diet. It is real and sensible.

Shauna: Thank you. I am certainly glad you find my being a nurse comforting. I am NOT a fan of newfangled, fad diets. This is about something that is healthy and sustainable for life. I have kept the weight off for a year. This was a lifestyle change.

Amy: First, how about bread? You have some recipes in your cookbook that include bread.

Shauna: Yes, but let me preface that with, I do believe white bread and sugar is the enemy. However, most people can not live entirely without white bread or sugar for the rest of their life. I encourage people to make good choices including good carbohydrates, good proteins, and good oils. Of course, I don't suggest feasting on a bunch of "white stuff." The less I had of the "white stuff," the quicker I lost weight. However, I honestly had dessert every day I lost weight--usually in the form of chocolate and peanut butter.

Amy: What are the good oils?

Shauna: Chuckle. Well that list seems to change all the time. First, olive oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, and I am still under the belief that canola oil is fine too--though there are varying ideas on canola oil. Stay away from hydrogenated oils including margarine and man made fats. Butter and cream are fine in moderation.
Amy:  What about children? Should they go on the diet?

Shauna: The studies and science behind the diet were done on lab mice and adults, so I do NOT subscribe this for children. If your child is over weight or obese, you need to talk with your doctor and come up with a sensible, healthy weight loss plan together.

Amy: Can diabetics go on this diet?

Shauna: Diabetics need to keep their blood sugar as stable as possible throughout the day. They need to eat low-glycemic foods and follow their doctor's recommendations for diet and exercise.

Amy: I love that you only need to exercise for a few minutes to have results on your diet.

Shauna: Yes, that is very true. If they are honest, experts in the diet and fitness industry will confess that diet is as high of 90% of your results. I know, so sad for exercise and food lovers, but TRUE. I was living proof of that statistic. I was running and training marathons and getting fatter.
Of course, I exercised then and now an average of 30 to 60 minutes per day.

Amy: Do you believe people can reverse adult onset diabetes with lifestyle changes in diet and exercise?

Shauna: I do. This diet has been proven to help prevent adult onset diabetes. Of course, any person with health issues needs to work with their health care provider to determine what diet and exercise program they should engage in.

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