This is Just Me

This is just me...We love the movies...Probably too much. We get quite annoying reciting movie lines and laughing at ourselves. But these "inside" jokes connect us in a unique way. When posing for pictures, my kids are sure to get a smile if they recite this silly line..."This is just me" and of course, make "the model face."

As silly as it sounds, being just me takes a lot of pressure off, if you know what I'm talking about? I love my life. I love my kids. I am their biggest fan, hands down. I don't know a bunch that is more engaging, funny, smart, loving, warm, talented, and delightful. They rock my world twice.

Life goes more smoothly when you can absolutely be who you are--your true self as weird or quirky as that may be. I can be chatty, quiet, obnoxious, serious, silly, and smart. Like the wonderful Dr. Seuss said, "no one is youer than you." My kids have a wonderful way of bringing out the real me each day and I thank them for it. I love being their MOM!


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