Weight Loss Secret: Love Your Life

The date is January 18, 2014. I am 42 years old and I love my life! Sounds like a line out of an intervention program doesn't it? I bought this graphic t-shirt with the logo: LOVE YOUR LIFE! screen printed across iconic photographs of  NEW YORK CITY. I did that, because it's my own  declaration of sorts. It's as if I am saying to the world who wrecked havoc with me, "I made it. I love my life!"

Over the last ten years, I had experienced some harrowing things including medical emergencies for myself and children and other life challenges. But for those who know me and some of those stories, they could attest to the fact that I can now say, "I made it through." It was a rough course and I experienced a smattering of bumps and bruises, but I came off conqueror as can YOU! Like my son, Jeremiah, likes to say, "WE BEND. WE DON'T BREAK."

Now I want you to ask yourself that question. Do you love your life? Frankly, if you asked me that three years ago, I could not say that I loved my life. My life was good (most of the time), but I did NOT love it. I was overweight, unhealthy, and in other aspects miserable.

There came a point in my life when I became very determined to CHANGE MY LIFE until I LOVED MY LIFE! This steeled determination was the ticket to a better life, a healthier life, a more beautiful life. The good news here is you have the power to change your own life. The power is in you to lose the weight, find your purpose, find your happiness.

Personally, I believe loving your life leads to weight loss. I experienced it firsthand. Unhappiness and happiness were big factors in my weight gain and weight loss. Even though my family and I had some tough decisions to make, the possibility of brighter skies and calmer seas was worth the risk of uncertainty. LIFE gives us NO guarantees.

You and only you can answer the question do you love your life? If you don't, then I gently suggest, you take a look inward to see what is keeping you from your own personal happiness. What can you do to make the changes that will help you live a better more beautiful life? You don't need to be immobilized by the "idea" that happiness can't be yours! MOVE. Change your thinking, be determined, work to make it happen. I believe that loving your life is one of the secrets to weight loss.



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