Confident Girls are the Prettiest

One day last month, I took the opportunity to do a impromptu interview with my 18-year-old son, Jeremiah regarding what boys find attractive in girls. One of the top things he said was CONFIDENT. As a woman of four teens, I already knew that. But it is always interesting to have that knowledge reconfirmed in my mind.

Unfortunately, many girls and women don't feel CONFIDENT. Yet, it is a particularly attractive trait--just ask any REAL MAN. I emphasize REAL man, because if you ask "a tool" then you may not get that response, just a bunch of shallow garbage that does more harm than good. So be sure and ask a REAL man if you don't believe me or my son.

So what if you don't feel confident? It's a big word that packs a lot of meaning. Let me suggest starting with a children's book by Jamie Lee Curtis titled, I'm Gonna Like Me. The book includes a simple message and story about a girl who likes herself no matter what comes...good or bad. This spunky grade school girl likes herself when she burns the toast as well as when she gets an A on a test. She rolls with life.

In college, my microbiology teacher, Mr. Zimmerman used to say this, "Don't let your highs get too high and don't let your lows get too low." Now I am not saying that you should be stoic and go around like a robot. I am suggesting that we STOP being so hard on our self. Go ahead and LIKE yourself. You LIKE people on FACEBOOK. It's about time you liked YOU!


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