Keep Your Head Up

"Keep your head up. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers." Admittedly, this past week has been a tough one for me. Over the past 8 weeks, we have been to the doctor at least 6 times. All five of my children have asthma and allergies as well as my very studly husband. So when they get sick, their asthma is triggered as well.

Elle has been on at least 3 different antibiotics and still coughs throughout the night. My husband is on his second antibiotic and continues to cough--day and night. Not only do they cough, it seems all their energy is drained as well. Elle woke up at 8:00 a.m. Thirty minutes later, I found her laying prostrate on the carpet without a blanket or pillow fast asleep. For 2 months, I was holding strong physically. Then the weekend came and my body finally succumbed. So three of my children and I have been battling what the doctors believe to be Bronchitis.

Now, this may NOT seem like a BIG deal, but with the criminal cost of my children's asthma medications, the pressure and stress of trying to get them well and treat them with the medication they need became very overwhelming. When I picked up the prescribed medication, Flovent inhaler (inhaled steroid) from the pharmacist, I broke down. For one inhaler, the cost is 300.00. It lasts 30 days and all three of my children need it each month. So for just one of the many medications we need each day to BREATHE, it's roughly 1,000 per month.

To add to the stress of having so many ill in my family, my husband works all day at his job, then works past dusk on the home we are contracting and building. In fact, we all work on the house as often as we can. This has led to his and our lack of recovery. Too much work and not enough rest. Then on Monday, we discover that thieves entered the home we are constructing and stripped the already installed electrical wire for the copper to sell.

Of course, we reported the theft to the police, but little can be done to prevent further criminal activity. There are some other financial HITS due to the dishonesty of others I rather not disclose. So after doing the math, I realized at this rate, we were not going to be able to provide the medications our children absolutely need.  

Medical problems are stressful. We have had our fair share. As a mother of five children with chronic illnesses, I know the toll it can take not only on our pocket books, but also on our psyche. It is draining to say the least, especially when we feel powerless to help. In addition to traditional medicine, our dear and wonderful neighbor and wife of DoTerra President, stopped by with a diffuser and a couple essential oils, namely Breathe and OnGuard. These are oil blends and we have been inhaling them as well as using then topically (on the skin).

These two viable, helpful, real solutions lifted a great burden I was carrying. I am grateful for modern and alternative medicine. We need both! In addition to that, we need to fight for our freedom as consumers. When it comes to my children, I will ALWAYS advocate for them. By the entrance of Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City there is a plaque that reads, "Children first and always." I live by that!

We can be empowered. Over a decade ago, one pharmacist said to me in regards to personal health and healthcare, "people need to start thinking for themselves." That thought has stuck with me ever since. Recently, I have been thinking about it daily. I won't allow a government to dictate what I can and cannot do in regards to choices in my family's health. We need to be empowered through education, understanding, and possibly some individual research. I will battle. I will fight for my family. I take courage from this quote: "Keep your head up. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers."

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