Real Men Love their Wife Any Size

Size 12

Real men love their wife any size! As an adult, I have been as tiny as a size 4 and as big as a size 14, but there is one thing that remained the same--my husband's unfailing love and attraction for me, his wife of close to 22 years. 

When Blake Shelton said in 2013, "beauty comes in all sizes" regarding his country singer wife, Miranda Lambert's recent weight loss, my mom exclaimed, "real men love women at any size." I strongly concur.

Truly, I am a fortunate woman to be married to a gorgeous, fit, gregarious, funny, good man. The odd thing is most people--especially women--assume he is a male chauvinist simply because he was an All-American college football player as well as the back-up quarterback to Heisman Trophy Winner, Ty Detmer at a division one university, BYU.

However, these people could NOT be more wrong. It's true that he is physically attractive and athletic. What they may NOT know is he is an incredibly sweet, honorable, faithful, kind, and loving man. His children adore him. He is NOT only their hero, he is mine. I call him "Superman" for good reason. Not only does he have jet black hair and a muscular physique, but also is a champion of women and children--the weak and frail.

In fact, there are good number of silver-haired ladies that adore him, because he honors, respects, and is kind to women--regardless their age or size. He was always caring and kind to his late single mom until the day she died thirteen years ago. He knows beauty is NOT skin deep and that it is NOT defined by the views of the world and media.

Joe was no less affectionate, loving, and attracted to me at size 14 than he was when I was a size 4. My unfortunate weight gain served as a love litmus test. He married me skinny. I remained skinny for the first 35 years of my life and for the first 15 years of our marriage. However, life has a way of throwing curve balls. I had health problems and I got fat! I was a butterball. So what?

Even though being fat for five years was incredibly difficult, there is at least ONE awesome and beautiful thing that came out of it: The knowledge and assurance of my husband's love and affection for me at any size. Real men love their wife any size!