Valentine's Day Giveaway

August 2010

For Sweet and Savory's 2014 Valentine's Day Giveaway, you will get a signed coy of each relationship book by author Sherri Mills I Almost Divorced My Husband, But I Went on Strike Instead and Marriage 101 for Men: Why Taking out the Trash is a Turn-on, The Princess Bride DVD, and movie theater treats. 

These books are phenomenal and have received national attention. I read and loved I Almost Divorced My Husband, But I Went on Strike Instead.  Sherri Mills is an advocate of marriage and saving marriages by applying simple, easy principles any one can do to improve their relationship with their spouse. She also shares stories of broken marriages, homes, and lives. After reading this book, we will all be motivated to pick up a broom and take out the trash! 

In addition, to implementing positive changes in our relationships, I am a big believer in Date Night. Since the day we said, "I do" on May 27, 1992, my hunky husband and I have had a Date Night at least once a week without fail. We "date" each other every chance we get. Ask any of our neighbors from four different cities. One comment we seem to get from people everywhere we lived was "you two are ALWAYS together," with a touch of surprise in their voice. So I wanted to add one of my favorite romantic movies and treats for your Date Night.

All you have to do to eligible for the random drawing is leave a comment on Facebook or on Sweet and Savory Seven telling us what is the most romantic thing your husband/wife ever did for you.I realize romance is different for everyone, but for me it is about kindness beyond flowers, chocolates, and lacy lingerie. 

For example, over the past 10 years, due to some health challenges I face, my husband helps get our children ready for school and drives them there EACH morning. He knows my pain starts the minute I get up so he allows me a little more sleep to deter the challenge I face the rest of day. There are so many more things that Joe does for me every day that I won't list here, but this gives you the idea.  


  1. My husband is a music composer, and he has had many clients over the years. Even when he is writing music for a client he tells me that every song he writes is dedicated to me. But, even better than that, one year when our kids were young I was really sick on a Sunday. He got the kids up, gave them breakfast and took them all to church. When he got home he made dinner for the family and brought me dinner in bed. This was romantic to me because he has zero kitchen skills and it was a HUGE thing for him to make dinner!!

  2. He repainted my car for me. I had no idea and it was a lot of work! He restores cars, but not mine! It was the sweetest thing he did!

  3. My husband took such good care of me and my children after I had surgery to remove cysts! I'm so lucky to have him!

  4. Tiffany, you are the random winner of my Valentine's Day Giveaway. Please email me your home address at ssevans7@yahoo.com Congratulations!