Mission to the Lone Star State

On Thursday, February 15, 2014, our oldest son, Jeremiah, opened his Latter Day Saint Mission Call to San Antonio, Texas Mission--Spanish Speaking. He will report to the Mexico Mission Training Center on June 25, 2014 where he will learn the Spanish language for eight weeks and return to the states for proselyting.

Just like when my oldest daughter, Madison, opened her call to the Philippines, I knew this was the perfect fit. The Lone Star State with its love of football, independence, cowboys, steaks, and potatoes could not suit Jeremiah better.

Not knowing where Jeremiah would be called, I had my cowboy boots on. My quiet wish was for him to learn a language but I also felt as "the mother bear" that a state side mission would be best with his asthma. Yep! The big guy has substantial asthma. What a blessing this call was.

To celebrate, Joe took the family to no other than Texas Road House for steaks, potatoes, hot rolls, and peanuts.

In August of 2009, Joe and I visited San Antonio and loved it.

We will miss him, but we are thrilled he is willing to take two years of his life to focus on preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and serve others.

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