Bring it on!

I know what it feels like to be incredibly fit, trim, young, and HEALTHY! I also KNOW what it feels like to be out of shape, fat, middle-aged, and UN-HEALTHY.  I know what it feels like to be DYING! 

Me--stretching after the BIG race. 

Take it from me, take it from Superman...BEAUTY comes in DIFFERENT SIZES!


 2003, I was in a size 6 after giving birth to each of my FIVE children within two months.

2001--Before the very serious health problems began and the birth of my fifth child, I was in the best shape of my life--123 lbs. at 5'8.

California May 2008--starting to battle the bulge, but just as happy and my husband just as attracted to me!

Nashville August 2009--getting fatter--husband still attracted to me.

October 2010--even heavier and counting, happy, and husband still attracted to me!

April 2011--on my 40th birthday. You know the weight loss battle is uphill from here!

Boston, 2012--Our 20th Wedding Anniversary. This is NOT my fattest...But my husband was still attracted to me.

May 2012--Nantucket (Actually, I am a little shocked at this point, because I have NOT seen this picture since I have shed over 50 lbs. WOW!)

July 2012

January 2013. I shed the weight in 6 months the Skinny-licious way--no calorie counting, food restriction, or dieting. Thank goodness it was fast!

January 2013--Over 50 lbs. lighter.What a difference losing the weight has made in my health and happiness.

October 2013--Gridiron Season--These were some of the best months of my life watching my son play quarterback and have a good high school experience. My children and their happiness is the source of my happiness!

January 2014--I have kept the weight off for over a year now. I hit my all time highest weight the last week of August 2012. The weight loss began September 1, 2012 and most of the weight was off four months later, December 31, 2013. Yee Haw!!

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