Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Little did you know...Superman is an Eagle Scout!  My son and I love this print. We dig Superman if you could not already determine that. I found this print created for the Boy Scouts of America while searching for ideas for my son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor tomorrow night.

Today, I did a quick Eagle Scout photo shoot of my son, Jeremiah.  With some more medical drama with our missionary daughter in the Philippines and building a home, I have more on my plate than I can honestly handle. 

I have an Eagle Scout themed table scape to put together and just about EVERYTHING we own is in boxes. We will be moving out of our rental in 3 weeks. So not only is there work to be done on the home so it will be ready to move in to, but there is a plethora of packing and cleaning to do.

Of course, Jeremiah could care less how the table looks, but in this culture, woman go to the nines. I will do it as simply as possible, but still want to have something nice to reflect my awesome Eagle Scout. 

 If you ask me, this All-American face is right out of a Norman Rockwell Painting of a Boy Scout!

Jeremiah truly embodies what a scout is: "A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent." As a mother, I was able to confidently recommend him for the rank of Eagle Scout. 

For dessert, I will be making S'more Brownies and eagle head chocolate covered marshmallows. Completely cute!