Life is Good

The past couple of months, the storm clouds were gathered and we were pelted from many different sources and in many different ways.  However, like the lyrics by country singer, Gary Allen say, "every storm runs out of rain." This is true for all of us. It has been true for our family. Sometimes, the storm is particularly strong and damaging. Regardless, storms eventually quiet down and glorious rays of sun replace the rain.

Here is an example: After some challenging physical, emotional, and spiritual trials, Joe was featured in Utah Valley Magazine's Fab 40 in their March/April issue. Our daughter, Hayley has appeared on television with a You Tube Video--An Experiment in Words--four times in the last two weeks. The viral video has had 113,000 hits and counting in just the first weeks of being posted including today on KSL's Studio 5.

Then I will appear on Studio 5 on April 9 followed by Good Things Utah on April 10--also my birthday!

Our Coastal-Craftsman Style home is progressing and we will likely move in mid May, 2014.

After some rude chants directed at our son from the American Fork student body during an American Fork vs. Pleasant Grove basketball game, he came home to an anonymous treat from friends who were thoughtful and took the time to do something simple, but incredibly sweet.

This act of kindness took the sting out of the mean-spirited actions. It's difficult to express in WORDS what that means to us. Might I just say, Pleasant Grove Student Body, you are the classiest, coolest, most talented, and kindest kids I have ever had the privilege to be acquainted with. You ROCK!

Utah Valley March/April Magazine Launch Party...

In March, I had the opportunity to be on the Chef Stage twice at the Salt Lake Tribune Home Expo in Sandy. Through the storm, we had each other to hold onto for support and comfort. My daughters are my best friends.

Inspiration for our Coastal Home...I'm so excited.

Madison, though currently ill (again) and possibly needing hospitalization for the third time on her mission, is happy serving in the Philippines. Her fortitude astounds me. She is receiving help and guidance from a powerful source to be sure.

Knowing of her physical (after all the bullying, she suffers from recurrent ulcers) and health problems can be somewhat troubling. However, two weeks into her mission, our Heavenly Father gave me a test of faith. Madi went into anaphylactic shock, but with divine intervention was able to get the help she needed in time to survive an emergency, life-threatening, allergic reaction.

I have come to learn that Madi is in His hands.

Bottom line: Hang in there. The storm will run out of rain and good things are to come. This life lesson has been taught to me again and again.

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