Missionary, Sister Evans Coming Home

Madi will be arriving home from her mission to the Philippines tomorrow. With three hospitalizations and medical problems throughout her mission, she is coming home four months shy the 18 month mark. Doctor Christensen, physician over Philippine Mission, advised an early, honorable release. He sent the recommendation to the church office one week ago and Madi is currently in route to the United States.

First, she flies out of Manilla and lands in Hong Kong. Then to New York, Portland Oregon, and finally home to the Salt Lake City Airport. Frankly, I did not see this coming, because she had been hospitalized twice before and carried on. The third time, she was in the hospital over Easter weekend. It was incredibly alarming, disconcerting, and disheartening. She became severely dehydrated and needed an I.V. drip. Her electrolytes were off and it gave all a scare.

Due to the horrible and filthy conditions in the medical clinics, her Mission President and his wife drove her 6 hours to Manilla to have better medical treatment at St. Luke's Hospital. She had a battery of tests including an endoscopy, blood work, etc. The puzzle unfolded and we finally have some answers to all the grastrointestinal suffering. With the final results--a bleeding ulcer, Celiac Disease, worms, parasites, UTI, inflamed bowel, the consensus was an early release.

At first, it seemed an unhappy ending to a mission. But we are all at peace with it. This was out of all our hands--an act of God if you will. It was truly an emotional ride for us. She will receive a loving WELCOME home. Like her father said so well. "She was able to pack 18 months into 14 months of dedicated, consecrated service to her fellow man in the Philippines. We are proud of her desire to serve. She served well and honorably.

This is the beginning NOT the END!!

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