Noelle Pikus Pace on GTU 4-10

 Meeting and chatting with Sochi Olympic Silver Medalist, Noelle Pikus Pace, was an unexpected treat today on my birthday. I was doing the cooking segment on Good Things Utah and when who should also be a guest, but Noelle Pikus Pace. She is warm, friendly, and unassuming--a doll to be sure. 

 The Good Things Utah Hosts taking a "Selfie" with Olympic Medalist, Noelle Pikus Pace.

She let everyone hold her very heavy silver medal including me. Here is a picture of her medal on my lap. Noelle is one of the coolest girls I have ever met. She is a champion of young women. She wore her Young Woman Medallion on the Olympic Medal Stage and on the Good Things Utah. She radiates warmth and love.

Don't miss her tonight at her welcome home party at City Creek in Salt Lake City tonight. You will be glad you did. She signed my cookbook and took the time to talk to everyone on the set today. What an excellent champion on and off the track.

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