Play it Again!

My son's senior year afforded him a band of over a hundred brothers, comrades in arms, friends, and fulfilling of a childhood dream to lead a football team on the field as starting quarterback. In so many ways, we wished the season would never end. It was the time of our lives watching our son find a place where he was able to thrive, contribute, grow, learn, and have amazing, good friends.

Sometimes, I wish we could bottle the best times of our lives and store it on the shelf. Then it would be preserved and available for distressing, discouraging days to buoy us UP! In times of trial, we could unscrew the lid and magically let that joy and happiness in. Since that is NOT possible, we have our memories to call upon on to lift us UP.

It's emotionally and socially strengthening to be a member of a team, a pep squad, or a booster type group, because it is all about helping, serving, and working together for the greater good. It's NOT about one individual. It's about a student body, football team, or squad cheering each other on.

After Pleasant Grove lost to Lone Peak and with some key region games ahead of them, the captains and team leaders decided they needed to do something to unify the football team. One night in October, dozens of hot bodies gathered in Marlo's Beauty Salon to shave their heads. I was there snapping photos with a grin from ear to ear. It was just about everything I had NOT to cry tears of gratitude, joy, and pure happiness. "A mother is only as happy as her saddest child." When my children are happy, I am over-the-top happy!  This was one of those moments I wanted to hold onto forever--store it UP.

For the first time in my oldest son's life, he had a band of brothers. Of course, he had been on other sports teams--many, many sports teams since he was three years old However, he was never part of a group of young men who watched out for, supported, and were good to each other like this one and it was incredible. It was healing!

This picture was taken at the pre-game dinner on my son's 18th birthday wearing his dad's number, his dad's school colors, and his Superman Birthday badge. Under his football pads and uniform, he wears an Underarmor shirt with the Superman logo on it. Jeremiah felt like it gave him strength to forge on, to NEVER give up, and to be victorious first n life and second on the football field.

On October 18, 2013 Pleasant Grove proved victorious over across town rivals and former team mates of Jeremiah. This game would knock American Fork out of region play. The Vikings came from behind in the last two minutes in the fourth quarter with a screen pass from quarterback, Jeremiah Evans to running back, TJ Wind to defeat the Caveman.

It was a vicious rivalry with angry American Fork coaches, parents, players, and fans. After the game, a brawl broke out in the visitor's stands. Rude and hateful jeers were screamed at my son. Physical threats were spewed. Mass mean tweets were sent. My son's answer was simply to point to the score board and walk off the home field with one of the most satisfying wins in his life to date. He could NOT have asked for a better birthday gift.

After the game, Varsity Head Coach, Les Hamilton gave a rousing speech then dedicated and presented the game ball to Varsity Quarterback, Jeremiah Evans. You can not know how good it felt to see this day. To witness it. To LIVE it. This was a beautiful, wonderful, full of good day!

My son, (a little emotional in a very studly way) is Coach Hamilton's 12 o'clock with number 7 on each shoulder, head bowed, weeping. His father is at the 2 o'clock position with black coat and beanie. I can assure you, Jeremiah's success on and off the field has brought BYU quarterback, Joe Evans more joy and satisfaction than anything he ever did on the football field himself as an All-American quarterback at Snow College, starting quarterback at Idaho State, and back-up to Heisman Trophy Winner and former NFL player, Ty Detmer.

The support, love, respect, kindness, honor, and fellowship of his team mates was worth more than any amount of money could buy. It was priceless! How I wish I could rewind and replay this day, game over and over again! What a glorious, incredible, heavenly day!

 Here stands two of the kindest, strongest, sweetest, coolest guys I have ever known in my life!

Not only was this one of the finest victories we have experienced as a family, but also was Senior night and the last home game of Jeremiah's high school career. I could not have orchestrated a better win or a greater night in my wildest dreams!

 He's intense and chill!

Could we play it again? 

Well, why NOT? Here is Jeremiah's Senior Year Football Highlight film. See the winning play against American Fork. 2013 was one of the best years of my entire life for dozens upon dozens of reasons. Play it again. Play it again. Play it again. 

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