Utah 4-A and 5-A All-Star Football Game 2014

With the invite to play in the 5-A All-Star game on June 14, our son, Jeremiah, will have one more chance to play a high school level game. We did not foresee this opportunity for Jeremiah with his leave for a mission to San Antonio on June 25. It might be a time crunch, but any time we get to "play it again," it's worth the effort, practice, and investment.

This will be an opportunity to take to the field with players from all the five high schools Jeremiah attended his high school career. That is truly a unique situation to be sure and I repeat NOT about trying to find the best football opportunity. In fact, if you want the history behind the moves, I have a 110 page book with the details. The book, Bounced Back, will be pitched this Tuesday to the editorial board for a national non-fiction release.

Jeremiah with Head Coach Les Hamilton and Offensive Coordinator, Coach Moss. The Pleasant Grove coaches are awesome. It was a wonderful gridiron season. Our son had an incredible experience he will cherish for his entire life. For that we are grateful beyond expression. We are thrilled to watch Jeremiah play in one more game before his mission service.

There are few things I like more than watching my son play football. 

October 18, 2013--Jeremiah running past American Fork defenders. Loved this night. We will relish this win for the rest of our life.

Senior Night, last home game, Jeremiah's 18th Birthday and one of the most satisfying victories in the Pleasant Grove 2013 Football Season. Jeremiah is holding up the game ball for the crowd of fans, students, and students.
Jeremiah answers the jeers from the American Fork stands with a point to the score board. It's just like Coach Haskins says in the movie, Glory Road, "if you want to shut them up, WIN!" And win we did!
No words could have summed it up any better or shut them up any quicker than directing their attention to the final score! American Fork did NOT advance to state play-offs due to this loss and Pleasant Grove won the region championship! In this case, there was poetic justice. Side note: Provo High School won only 2 games in their last 3 football seasons. They were like 2 and 36--not a very good record--possibly one of the worst if NOT the worst record in the state of Utah.

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