The Team is Back Together

Our daughter arrived back home safely from the Philippines last Thursday. Like a scene from the Mormon movie, R.M., we were waiting at the wrong gate and missed greeting Madi as she walked down the escalator.  Several other people were there waiting for the arrival of their missionary. When they saw Madi walk down without any cheers and people holding signs then proceeded to baggage claim, their mouths turned down and eyebrows knitted in worry. Some asked if she was okay. Madi said, they looked visibly sad and concerned for her.

Little did any of them know we had her vinyl Welcome Home Poster stretched out and craning our necks in eager anticipation one section over. Pathetic, I know.Once we realized our mistake, we all took off in a mad dash for a the gate just West of us. So sad! Madi was a good sport about it. She looked well--a little pale, but well.

The world doesn't stop spinning just because a missionary comes home. We had to book it home in order for our daughter, Elle, to make curtain call. Elle was Lady Bracknell in her Junior High Play, The Importance of Being Ernest. We were able to grab a bite to eat at Costa Vida before the play. Madi looked like she was stun gunned.

Actually, I think that is a good thing. Feeling like a fish out of water means she was immersed in her mission. With the health problems, she will need to "Bounce Back." But the team is back together. Time for rest, good care, and possibly an Evans style Nerf War! when she feels up to it.

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