Finally Moved In

Unofficially, we moved in on May 30. The day of our son's high school graduation--before carpet and the air conditioner unit were installed. That was difficult and not particularly comfortable sleeping in bags or on mattresses tossed on plywood floors. We roasted for a couple of weeks with air conditioning. Then, finally, we could begin moving in furniture, boxes, and it started feeling like home.

With our oldest son soon to be departing for two years for a LDS Mission to San Antonio, Texas--Spanish speaking, we were under a time crunch. Not to mention, we could not get out of our rental, "the pit of despair" with its horrible, evil, criminal landlord who has done time in prison we find out after we sign our name in blood on the rental contract. The renting experience could not have been more miserable the past last year.

Finally rid of the rotten, little landlord, we have moved onto brighter things. It was Jeremiah's wish for us to be in our home in time for his missionary farewell on June 23. With an incredibly hard working labor crew--my husband, father, and five children, we were able to grant his going away wish in the nick of time.

Fortunately, our neighbors allowed us the use of their beautiful back yard for the missionary farewell luncheon. Again, it came together after hours of work and preparation. The day was sunny and lovely. It was good to see family and friends gathered to lend their support.

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