Fire Roasted Chili on Studio 5

Due to my adorable neighbor boy, I was invited on Studio 5 to share my Fire Roasted Chili recipe. About an hour before a high school football game, I was trying to get dinner on quick. Sound familiar? We invited my son's friend to join us for dinner and the game.

Little did I know, the boy hates chili. His mom is an incredible home cook, but he just doesn't care for the dish. Without knowing this, I put a big bowl of chili in front of him. Politely, he began to eat it. (I can only imagine the thoughts swirling in his head at that moment.) He ate every bite. I was a little worried serving him the chili, because it has a kick to it not because I knew of his aversion.

The next evening, his mom stopped by with a jar of homemade peach jam and a request from her son to get the recipe. This is when I learned the back story behind the boy who didn't like chili--no way, no how. Naturally, she was surprised. I was more than happy to share the recipe. The recipe is simple with a bit of a Mexican twist.

Watch the cooking segment on Studio 5 here.