Lighting the Y

The September afternoon my dad was honored at as coach and lit the Y  was not about us, but we sure did have a wonderful time. For my husband, Joe, back-up quarterback to Heisman Trophy Winner, Ty Detmer and my father, it was like coming home. My father in particular had spent many hours, days, even years on that football field. Likewise, my mother and I spent many hours, days, years cheering for them in the stands. It was the best time of my life. I miss it terribly, but we have to move on and enjoy each day as it comes. But I can't help but pining a little.

My three girls and youngest son did not mind spending time on the field waiting for the opening events. We enjoyed the up close and personal views and experience. We had the fantastic opportunity to shake President Uchtdorf's hand as well as meet Jimmer Fredette. Both were gracious and kind.

Before the game, we enjoyed the wonderful Magleby's Restaurant lunch at the Varsity tent. It was so nice to see old friends and players there. It's like a BYU football reunion. Great people. Great memories.
Our oldest son, Jeremiah, would have loved to have been there, but he is on his LDS mission in San Antonio, Texas. 

It is a blast being on the field, close to the action, the adrenaline, the excitement before kick-off.

 Number 54, Parker Dawe is friend of our family and one of BYU's fine players.

Number 2 is our friends' son, Dallin Leavitt. Can it really be 20 years since I graduated from BYU? Now Joe's former teammate's and roommate's son is playing on the team. It seems that time plays tricks. 

 Cosmo could not have been more helpful in guiding my dad through the tradition of lighting the Y.
 Cosmo, up close and very personal.

 The one, the only, the great...Jimmer Fredette. My mom adores him!

 Sorry girls, this attractive, athletic man is taken.

 Jimmer Fredette and the equally attractive, Joe Evans, #7.

Love this guy...beard and all!

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