Live Original

Live Original. Sadie Robertson, Duck Dynasty Star coined it and I fully agree with it.

What does it mean to live original? Simply, it means to be true to yourself, your values, and beliefs. It is about not having to follow the in-crowd and standing up for what you believe in.

After reading Sadie's book for teens, I thought about people who Live Original and my daughters came to mind, particularly Elle. Like Sadie, she is a middle child. In my estimation, Elle lives original by following her heart, striving to do good, and having and being true to high standards.

In regards to extra activities, Elle chooses a variety. She's in the elite orchestra, plays violin and piano, softball and tennis. In addition to regular class work, she squeezes in Shakespeare (acting) and school newspaper. 

However, it is not these activities that helps her live original. It is her compassion, caring for others, and earnest desire to do good and be good. You don't have to be a sports or reality television star to do that! 

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