Photography 101--Show Relationships

With the holidays soon upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to share a simple photography tip with you. Many of my favorite pictures have one thing in common--they show relationships.

In the picture above, I a few minutes to take some snapshots before we dropped my oldest daughter off at LDS Missionary Training Center. Emotions were close the surface. We all realized that we would not see her or talk to her face-to-face for the next 18 months.

Since my children are close, a group hug made a natural picture which reflected their relationship with one another. For families who like to tease and be silly, making faces may be a better expressed of their family's personality.

This second picture also shows a sweet relationship between "big sister" and younger "big" brother. Throughout the past 17 years, I have been photographing these two best friends together. In fact, I could compose a photo essay based on this brother and sister relationship alone. 

So the next time you are photographing a group or couple, think about capturing the relationships between the people. By approaching photography with this goal in mind, you may pleasingly surprised at what you are able to convey with the click of the shutter button. 

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