Ain't Nobody Got Time for Fat!

2007 (after five children)

Ain't nobody got time for fat! I truly believe that. There is no time like now to gain the body you want by losing that unwanted fat. Confession: I never was a fat girl. I was a skinny after five children. However, after a myriad of devastating health problems, I packed on a lot of weight--almost 70 pounds. I was placed on Prednisone--the infamous weight promoting--body destructive medication for 3 major allergic reactions and I could no longer control my weight.

I suppose I took for granted eating 80% healthy 20% treats every day of my life. Even as a fat chick I was fit. I was still training and running half and full marathons. All the exercise did not make a difference in my weight and health. It was not until I disciplined my eating and ate the correct amount and quality of calories, did I begin to shed the pounds after 5 years of desperately trying. Here is a tip: You can't beat it off!

However, I also have come to believe that "ain't nobody got time for fat!" Fat has a wicked tendency to get in the way and ruin all the fun we should be having in life. We should feel comfortable at the pool, beach, fun park with our family. We should have the energy and stamina to keep up with our active kids. We should enjoy every morsel of living in the best body we can muster. That is why weight loss and helping others with their fitness goals is important to me.

I was the fit girl who got fat!

1992 before children (I know. Gotta love the hair!)

After my second marathon at 19 years old.

August 2006 (Before the Prednisone began)

Life is a lot more fun when you are fit and thin! I was really content in this picture.

May 2012 (Nantucket) I was on my to really plump. It's just so hard to suck in the fat.

August 2012 (My all time highest weight was a few weeks after this not so favorite photograph) I think I will call this "fat happens!"

February 2013 (50 pounds lighter) I shall call this photo "Fit is Fabulous!"

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