Sweet Sixteen: Beautiful Inside and Out

The classic dimple in the chin.

Adored by all--especially dad.

When Elle was born, Dr. Terry and the anesthesiologist had a hay day! One doctor chuckles and says, "her toes are as long as my fingers. Ha. Ha. Ha." The other doctor counters, "she could palm a basketball with those toes. Ha. Ha. Ha." 

But the first thing the doctor said before the jokes, "she has her mother's chin and dimples." That made me smile.

I thought she was perfect!

My only blue-eyed, blonde-haired child--Elle.

All though my first three babies were all incredibly chunky, Elle won the "fattest baby award." Nickname: "Elle Belly"

About two weeks ago, we were out to eat one Saturday afternoon. I looked over at Elle and burst into laughter. It struck me that Elle hasn't changed much since she was a few weeks old--just more hair and taller!

Happy Birthday to a girl who is truly sweet and happens to be sixteen! We love this girl more than words can express and appreciate her continual kindness and genuine thoughtfulness.

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