DIY Radiant Skin Scrub

This inexpensive Natural skin scrub is all-natural, brightening, and exfoliating. Removing dead cells from face 1 to 2 times per week is beneficial to your skin. Not only does it deep clean pores, but also works to reduce fine lines.

1 cup granulated white sugar
1/3 cup olive oil
4 to 6 drops essential lemon oil

1. In a small bowl, combine sugar, olive oil, and lemon oil.
2. Store in mason jar at room temperature.


America Needs Heroes

On November 18, 2014, Mitt Romney addressed BYU alumni. In his speech, I discovered he too was an English major. That surprised and delighted me at the same time. But the main thing that stood out was his thoughts on heroes.

Romney exclaims, "America needs heroes. You don't have to be larger than life to be a hero, just larger than yourself. I see heroes everyday--scout masters, primary teachers, missionaries, campaign volunteers, parents. I hope you will choose to be a hero because we need a lot more of them.

Here is a simple invitation to be just a little better so that we can improve our homes, families, churches, communities, and great nation.

Photography 101: Side Lighting

Side lighting can be really beautiful. Here our own Fancy Nancy is dressed, packed and ready for our December trip to Newport Beach, California and Disneyland for Christmas.

Believe it or not this photograph was in no way staged. Evidence of this is the polka dot pillow in her arm ready for the long car ride to California. Hayley turned back just as she was going out our front blue door. The afternoon sun was streaming in to create this side lit photograph.

Healing the Thyroid

Where does Nurse Mom begin? To begin, my oldest daughter's new health problems began a few months before her LDS Mission to the Philippines. Truthfully, her symptoms pointed to Celiac--an autoimmune disease where gluten causes an autoimmune response in the body. Without going through a battery of tests, Madi went off foods with gluten. By removing offending foods, her symptoms of bloating, stomach pain, and fatigue subsided.

On her mission, we both felt she would fare okay since the staple foods of the culture include rice, fruits, vegetables, and fish. However, throughout her mission she struggled with gastro-intestinal problems and hospitalized three times. While in the Manila hospital, she had a blood work-up and endoscopy which revealed Celiac, lactose intolerance, and irritable bowel syndrome. After one week in the Missionary Recovery Center, it was time to come home and heal.

When she returned home, her health problems increased. Madi's diet became increasingly limited. Visits to specialists and doctors ensued over six months. After a visit to our family doctor (Dr. Hough), we firmly asked to have tests done to test her thyroid. As a nurse and Madi a wellness counselor at Good Earth, we both noted the she had virtually all the signs of low thyroid. Her symptoms included fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, and significant skin blemishes (acne). Dr. Hough suggested we add an extra test for Hashimotos Disease.

Tests results for pre-Hashimotos came back positive one week later. Honestly, we were grateful that we had a diagnosis rather than continue to go through all the frustration and guess work. Immediately, she was put on synthetic Armor thyroid. At this point in time, we were hopeful and relieved. However, those initial feelings of hope were soon gone. Madi was not improving, in fact, she felt like she getting worse.

Madi began the battle to find someone and something that would help her. She was taking 10 to 15 different supplements each day. Much of her pay checks was spent on supplements and holistic doctors. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. During Fall break in October, Madi hit a low. She was so tired that she struggled going to class and slept often. Each day was a physical struggle and a great of deal of misery.

One day at work in October, Madi was introduced to Dr. Hodson, a Phd in nutrition and scheduled an appointment. Dr. Hodson was convinced she could help Madi's thyroid heal. Madi met with her, was given a diet plan, and something remarkable, Military Micronutrient Formulation (MMF). Since Madi had been on thyroid medication less than 3 weeks, Dr. Hodson had her go off it and ALL supplements she had been taking.

At first, I squirmed a bit with plan. As an adult, it was Madi's decision. After a week, Madi's low-thyroid and Celiac symptoms began to lessen. She experienced more energy, improved mood, less bloating, and better digestion. After two weeks, I noticed her clear and beautiful skin and a believer was born--me--the non-conventional medicine skeptic. Right there and then, I wanted to know more about the natural isoform, anti-oxidant micronutrient, known as MMF.

What I learned about MMF distributed by Engage-Global I liked. In 2001, a team of scientists and doctors were hired by the Defence Department to create a supplement that would protect our soldier's DNA against internal threats such as radiation and biological warfare. After my investigation, I decided to become a member and share MMF with others. Join the engage-global/shaunaevans team.

If you are interested or would like to learn more, email me, leave me a message, and visit www.engage-global.com.


America 101: Freedom and Responsibility

With freedom comes responsibility. We are free to choose our actions, but we are NOT free to choose the consequences. In other words, we are responsible for our choices.

As students, we are given homework. These assignments have due dates and they help us learn concepts and prepare for tests. We are responsible to complete our homework and return it on time to our teacher for a grade.

If we choose NOT to do our homework, we are not FREE from the consequences of our actions which include a poor grade, less prepared for tests and learning. Whether we like it or not, we are responsible for our choices.


Utah Valley University--A Fine Institution

Friends, I'm afraid I am guilty of not giving the other side of the picture with my experience as a post-baccalaureate student at UVU. Giving one side of the argument or perspective is the very thing I found frustrating and spoke out against.

Today, it became very clear to me that I was doing the very thing I found fault with in my some of my classes. To explain, I have five classes, 14 hours--a full schedule. One of my five English classes has been challenging and discouraging as I have expressed.

However, I failed to tell you about my other classes at UVU which have been excellent. The small class sizes and interaction with professors and students during each and every class period is truly unique and exceptional. UVU turns out excellent nurses, well-trained teachers, and prepared graduates.

In addition to hands-on experiences and close associations, I have enjoyed all my professors. Each and every one--including the ones I disagree with ideologically and theologically are intelligent, interesting, and at times, entertaining.

Along with fine professors, I have come to know smart, compassionate, and capable students who are my friends and support even though most are half my age. For instance, beautiful Meagan noticed me looking sad while I sat in the hall. Like Elf, she asked, "do you need a hug?" How cute is that? She is going to be the most excellent and kind teacher.

Then another student bravely approached me after class to apologize for some unkind things she said about--well, my daughter during class last week. I'm sure it was not easy for her to admit some wrong doing and I was moved and impressed with her maturity and humility.

My disgruntled feelings were not due to people disagreeing with me or because they did not share my world view, political ideas and beliefs. But rather due to the way I became a target and demeaned for expressing those thoughts in defence of America, her political system, and Capitalism.

Also, my experiences in one of my classes has opened my eyes to the importance of understanding true and correct principles in government and teaching our children what those are. As one high school English teacher in Utah Valley said, "I have students who don't know who the current President of the United States is."


America 101: "Forced Charity is Tyranny"

Abe Lincoln said, "forced charity is tyranny." Let's think about that. Many of us desire to give to others. While considering the following example, you may want to remember that we are NOT talking about your choice to be accommodating or nice. We are talking about other people forcing you to do something for them that violates or takes away your rights.

While at recess, four students begin a four square game on the school asphalt. After playing for five minutes, another group of students comes over and shoves them out of the court to occupy it saying, "its our turn to play four square!"

The group that had just started playing argues, "No. We just got here and we have the right to keep playing." In this example, the second group of kids wanted the first four square players to be charitable and stop playing so they could participate in the game instead.

With no school rules established as to the length of time a group of students may play on a four square court, is it the second group's right to decide when and how long the first group of students may play and enforce it?

No. The second group does not have the right to force others to do something or give them something--in this case, the four-square court, in the name of charity.