Essential Water

On the Healthy-licious Plan, it is important to drink water. In fact, it is essential to weight loss. In fact, people who drink the recommended 8 glasses per day, lose 30% more weight than those who do not.

Also, I encourage you to drink two glasses of water before you eat breakfast. This prepares your body for digestion, removes toxins and aids in accelerated weight reduction. In addition, please drink one glass of water before each meal and any time you feel hungry--especially at night.


Garth Brooks time to meet your mom

Sweet Sixteen: Beautiful Inside and Out

The classic dimple in the chin.

Adored by all--especially dad.

When Elle was born, Dr. Terry and the anesthesiologist had a hay day! One doctor chuckles and says, "her toes are as long as my fingers. Ha. Ha. Ha." The other doctor counters, "she could palm a basketball with those toes. Ha. Ha. Ha." 

But the first thing the doctor said before the jokes, "she has her mother's chin and dimples." That made me smile.

I thought she was perfect!

My only blue-eyed, blonde-haired child--Elle.

All though my first three babies were all incredibly chunky, Elle won the "fattest baby award." Nickname: "Elle Belly"

About two weeks ago, we were out to eat one Saturday afternoon. I looked over at Elle and burst into laughter. It struck me that Elle hasn't changed much since she was a few weeks old--just more hair and taller!

Happy Birthday to a girl who is truly sweet and happens to be sixteen! We love this girl more than words can express and appreciate her continual kindness and genuine thoughtfulness.


Ain't Nobody Got Time for Fat!

2007 (after five children)

Ain't nobody got time for fat! I truly believe that. There is no time like now to gain the body you want by losing that unwanted fat. Confession: I never was a fat girl. I was a skinny after five children. However, after a myriad of devastating health problems, I packed on a lot of weight--almost 70 pounds. I was placed on Prednisone--the infamous weight promoting--body destructive medication for 3 major allergic reactions and I could no longer control my weight.

I suppose I took for granted eating 80% healthy 20% treats every day of my life. Even as a fat chick I was fit. I was still training and running half and full marathons. All the exercise did not make a difference in my weight and health. It was not until I disciplined my eating and ate the correct amount and quality of calories, did I begin to shed the pounds after 5 years of desperately trying. Here is a tip: You can't beat it off!

However, I also have come to believe that "ain't nobody got time for fat!" Fat has a wicked tendency to get in the way and ruin all the fun we should be having in life. We should feel comfortable at the pool, beach, fun park with our family. We should have the energy and stamina to keep up with our active kids. We should enjoy every morsel of living in the best body we can muster. That is why weight loss and helping others with their fitness goals is important to me.

I was the fit girl who got fat!

1992 before children (I know. Gotta love the hair!)

After my second marathon at 19 years old.

August 2006 (Before the Prednisone began)

Life is a lot more fun when you are fit and thin! I was really content in this picture.

May 2012 (Nantucket) I was on my to really plump. It's just so hard to suck in the fat.

August 2012 (My all time highest weight was a few weeks after this not so favorite photograph) I think I will call this "fat happens!"

February 2013 (50 pounds lighter) I shall call this photo "Fit is Fabulous!"

The Body-licious Movement

In June of 2013, I was down 50 pounds after subscribing to the Body-licious program for five months. I lost close to 20 pounds in my first month and 14 in the second, then it tapered down from there to average 10 pounds per month. Ten pounds per month is healthy weight loss.

Body-licious program participants, I am so excited to join you in the Body-licious movement. Also, I thought it I would separate my participants into two groups for a little healthy competition. I want both teams to be the Biggest Losers. I want to keep a weekly team tally on my blogs: www.sweetandsavoryseven.com and www.body-licious.com of each group's losses.

If you complete the 12 week program, I will send you a really cool workout shirt with the Body-licious logo and some other fitness goodies. I won't be taking sizes now, because you can be sure they are going to change! Also, since many of you are in Utah, I want to have a celebration party with the best, body-licious food, music, etc. in 12 weeks from start.

There will be other incentives along the way. Let's be in the best shape of our lives in 12 short, important weeks! Please message me or Facebook any questions you have along the way. I will be your fitness coach.


Big Losers

Friends, I am looking for 20 participants to try out my Body-licious weight loss and fitness program free of any charge. If you are 30 or more pounds over weight and would like the steps and recipes to help you shed those pounds, I would love you to Facebook message me or email me at: ssevans7@yahoo.com. This is for my next book that I am currently working on titled, Body-licious: Weight Loss for Life. Kendra Schmidt, B.S. Health Sciences is my co-author.

For those who choose to participate will get the complimentary plan and recipes. I would like to take before and after pictures as well as a commitment of 3 months on this sensible, healthy, no-fad program. If successful, your  story may be included in the final book. Let's get fit and healthy together. This is such a fun project I am working on. It's incredibly encouraging to interview people from different decades of life that have lived the body-licious way. 

For the first time, I have been watching Biggest Loser television show and love it. (We don't have television, otherwise, I doubt I would have missed an episode.) It is inspiring to see people work so hard to change their lives for the better. It has given me an extra push to get a few extra pounds off I put on while building a home and going back to school last semester. We still have 3 months of Winter. This is the best time to get in shape--before short sleeves and swim suit season.

Join me. Won't you?


Hold On

The best thing to hold on to in life is each other.

--Audrey Hepburn

Life is a great teacher--full of lessons and challenges. I have come to understand the importance of letting go of things that don't matter and holding onto things that do.

Sending children on LDS missions for 18 months to 2 years has tutored me on the paradox of letting go and holding on. We let them go, but always hold on to their hearts.