San Antonio, Texas 2009

My husband and I spent four days in San Antonio, Texas. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt along with the Dallas Cowboys Professional Football Team. The cowboys were in pre-season training, staying at the Hyatt and practicing in the Alamodome. We were not there as football "groupies" though there were many there that were. This was an awards trip earned by my husband, Joe. He's an investment adviser and works for Mass Mutual.Way to go hon!

We walked up and down the River Walk, went to two IMAX theater movies, The Alamo and Under the Sea 3-D, strolled around the city, and even went to the Alamodome to watch the Dallas Cowboys practice. But the most thought provoking and interesting thing we did was visit The Alamo. If you've never seen the 2004 version of the movie The Alamo starring Billy Bob Thorton and Dennis Quaid, it's time to send for it with NETFLIX. It is a quick history lesson regarding the stirring, epic events that happened at The Alamo in 1837. "Remember The Alamo!"