Spanish Fork Prom 2012

Spanish Fork High School's Prom fell on a beautiful Spring evening in May.  Madi and Jeremy had the opportunity to be in the same group. This was meaningful since this would be Madi's last High School Prom. Her date, Seuwa, is a super guy and was a real gentleman. Jeremy went with McCall Magleby. The group started the date rock climbing at the Query. Then they had time to dress and be ready for the Promanade at 5:00 p.m. After pictures, they were off to dinner at Tucanos in the River Bottoms. The dance was also at the Riverwoods Shopping Center. After the dance, the group went to a friend's home to watch a movie. Both Madi and Jer had a really good time with some really good kids. 

Joe and I enjoyed the Promanade at Spanish Fork High School. I hesitate to admit, I get a little emotional as this is my first child moving on to college and out of our home for school. I can not believe it has been 18 years since she was born.So many great firsts. So hard to say goodbye to lasts.

Even though we have only been in Spanish Fork four months, we can honestly say, we love our new town, we love our new friends, we love our new life! It is interesting. Madi has said time and time again, "I wish I grew up in Spanish Fork." She absolutely loves it hear and the only regret is not getting her sooner. I echo that sentiment. Spanish Fork, you complete me. Life is so good!

Super model status. Work it McCall and Madi.

So I took little over a hundred pictures. What? I can't help myself. But I promise I will only post a few.

May I say, that I have the best kids ever! No. They are not twins and, yes, Madi is older.