Meeting Mark Ballas on Good Things Utah

Shauna Evans, Mark Ballas, and Chloe Curtis (Sweet and Savory: Award Winning Recipes Made Easy Publicist) 

As many of you know, Mark Ballas is a phenomenal talent. Google his dance with the Diet Pepsi can and be amazed. Not only is he engaging and an incredible dancer, he is a musician and song writer. He performed one of his original songs live while playing the guitar. He could not have been kinder. I love that he signed my cookbook cover with a love heart!

Mark Ballas signing my cookbook cover.

It seems after much opposition, my DREAMS are all coming true! I really need to pinch myself. I can hardly believe it myself. Fairy tales do come true! Not only did I marry Superman, Joe Evans, and have five of the most incredible kids on the planet, I am living my dream to teach cooking on television, publish a design book (What Goes With What: Baby Rooms Made Easy) and cookbook (Sweet and Savory: Award Winning Recipes Made Easy) with 
 full-color photography. 

 I have traveled to Japan, England, France, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico and many of the major cities in the United States including Washington D.C., Chicago, Nashville, Tennessee, Orlando, Florida, Dallas Texas, Boston, New York, and more. I have enjoyed fine cuisine around the world and love incorporating that experience, into the food I prepare for my family, and the recipes I post on my blog. I love to travel and experience new cultures, cuisines, and meet new people. I have been blessed.