Skinnylicious Cookbook--Release Date Jan. 2014

More happy tears shed today! I can hardly believe my amazing life! Not only am I madly in love with and married to a gorgeous, funny, intelligent, athletic, faithful man and have five precious, fabulous, incredible kids, I have the wonderful privilege of writing my third book for publication titled Skinnylicious: Weight Loss with Scrumptious, Slimming Recipes. (Granted, the subtitled has not been worked out at this time.)

Today, I was offered my second book contract with Cedar Fort Inc. (Let's do a victory dance!) I could soar to the moon and back, I am that excited. But instead, I ran, swam, and skated! The weather was sunny and beautiful after so many cloudy, dark winter days. (That could be an analogy for the last ten years of my life!) 

The manuscript and photography is due in seven weeks. So there is some pressure there, but I am up for the challenge and grateful for this marvelous opportunity to share what I have found to be the best weight loss plan on the planet. Not only have I lost 45 pounds in 5 months, but my 17 year old son has lost 20 pounds. My husband has lost 20 pounds. My 19 year old daughter has lost 15 pounds. My sister-in-law has lost 60 pounds eating the same way and following one particular rule

This has been a phenomenal journey that has transformed my life and that of my family members. I am healthier and happier. I am still a foodie. You will find me at The Chocolate Factory every week. I love to experience fine food from restaurants including Market Street Grill, Ruth's Chris, and The Cheesecake Factory to name a few. We eat well! I continue to cook fresh, wholesome, family-friendly meals. I make and share treats. Just ask my neighbors! (No. I am not trying to make you FAT!)

Me and my two big brothers on a very special day!
Joe, Shauna, Kisa, Craig, Ryan, and Mary Lynn. Together, Kisa and I (both a mother of five children) have lost a total of 100 pounds! We subscribed to the same diet plan and the stubborn, middle-aged, mommy pounds seemed to melt off. I simply can't wait to share this with the world! No diet supplements, medications, food restrictions, or heaven forbid--surgery.